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New Era, New Blog


I’ve been thinking a lot about a new blog for this new chapter that my family and I are about to begin. We aren’t the Brinks in Spain anymore, and my blog can’t be either. We will relocate to Belgium later this year, but I’ve decided to keep my writing at home at a new site, katybrink.com. This blog will cease to exist in a few weeks as we continue in the transition phase of life.

Thanks to those who faithfully read what I wrote here on this blog: I appreciate the encouragement. If you are interested in continuing to follow my family and my writing, visit katybrink.com and sign up to receive those posts in your inbox. One important note: if you were subscribed here at brinksinspain.com to receive posts via email, you are not automatically subscribed at the new blog. Sorry. You need to sign up again on the right side of the new homepage.

And while you are over on the new site, check out my first post for some interesting news.

Stay with me on the journey!